3D printing education draws new links across the curriculum and creates highly engaged students.

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User Friendly 
Easy workflow management tools take the hassle out of complex projects.

Student Management
Teacher accounts with the power to manage and edit student users accounts. 

Wireless Printing
Wireless printing for a less complicated and portable set up.

Remote Management
Ability to connect to your printer from remote locations. 

Personal Design Library
Organize, search and manage your personal library of 3D printable designs.

Lesson Plans and Resources
Curriculum linked lesson plans and other teacher resources to assist you in the classroom. 
Classroom Resources
Having a 3D printer is a phenomenal seed for inspiration because you can literally create anything. But this kind of design process is probably daunting for people new to the technology. Use these example projects to inspire your students within just a few minutes.
Find grants and funding
New sources of funding pop up all of the time from Government, Community Groups and Corporates. Our downloadable teachers toolkit includes a list of active sources of funding. Visit our Grants and Funding page for more information.
Starting a makerspace
An open access makerspace is a great place to position 3D printing education. But you might find starting a makerspace with a clear purpose and vision is hard work. While our teacher's toolkit provides great tips, it is general. Get a FREE customised action plan from MakerSpaceMaker.
Introduction to 3D printing
First, take our introduction to 3D printing online course in your own time. You will gain a basic understanding of the process in addition to how you can use 3D printing in your classroom.
View our range of education products
Our education products come complete with hardware, software, consumables, accessories and a first-class local support package. Our packages take the stress and complexity out of providing a top rate technology capability to your students.