Water Rockets!!!!

Explore science outside with this fun water rocket project.
Remember those water powered rockets you made as a kid... Forget the mess of hot glue and silicon, we've got three 3D printable resources here for you to have some good, clean fun with these high performance components.
Project duration
Material used
Support needed?
kids having fun with water rockets
The humble water rocket
By 3D printing some basic accessories for a standard soft drink bottle you can give it an amazing second life.
For little kids, big kids (and bigger kids) send their imagination wild with the possibilities of simple, safe water rockets.
John Doe
Ideal Rocket Calculatiosns
3D Print a rocket nozzle
This rocket nozzle from USWR lets you connect a standard PET soft drink bottle to your garden hose.  This provides fuel and power using your household wtaer pressure of between 500-1000kPa. 
3D printed Rocket fins
3D Print mounts for the fins
This design makes the most of your 3D printer to create the complex mechanical parts, and simple corflute, cardboard or any other flat material to quickly customise the fins.
3D printed rocket parachute
Print a parachute
To go all out, you can make this 3D printed parachute system and let you bring your super fancy water rocket back to earth safely.
You can quickly turn a soft drink bottle into a rocket quickly with these three 3D printable files.
Experiment to find a great combination by changing the size of the bottle, fill level, fin shape and parachutes
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