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general FAQs

These FAQs cover all of the big questions we get asked most often. If you can’t find your answers here, check out our support portal.
What can the discount coupons be used for?
The coupons are able to be used on the Me2- Starter Pack only. Each coupon can only be used once and each coupon can only be used on one printer. For a complete explaination see the full TC’s here.
What kind of warranty is available for the Me2?
All our printers come with a 12 month warranty within Australia, depending on the issue we may provide you with replacement parts or ask you to return it to our main facility in North Wollongong for assessment and repair. Full details on the warranty can be found here.

We also provide full spares and overhaul options to keep your Me3D printers in shape.
What is Seed3D?
Seed3D is a programme we’ve started to help get schools and their communities engaged with each other and their local 3D printing experts – in other words: huge discounts for schools.

The basic premise is this: when you buy a printer, you can nominate a school. That school receives a stacking 10% discount off the price of a Me2 3D printer. 10 printers bought = 1 freebie for your school!

If you want to find out more visit the Seed3D website or contact us.
Our school already has a 3D printer, can we register for Seed3D
Yes, register even if you have a hundred printers in your school. Seed3D aims to give every child direct and sufficient access to 3D printers so that they can become familiar with all aspects of the technology, this means we want to see dozens of 3D printers in your school.
Which schools can register to be part of Seed3D?
All this stage Seed3D is open to all primary and secondary schools within Australia and New Zealand. Early childhood centers can also ask to be included on a case by case basis (contact us directly).
What is "Open Source hardware"?
Open Source hardware uses the principles of open source software projects to share designs for physical hardware projects in the public domain, using share-alike licensing.
Find out more about Open Source hardware here:
Me2 uses components of and contributes back to open source hardware and software projects. You can find us on GitHub.
If you have a capable work force and are interested in bringing manufacture of Me2 to your part of the globe, please get in touch! We love distributed manufacturing and our plan for world domination means building these little guys all over the world.
Can I use software other than MatterControl to control the Me2?
Absolutely, yes! However for practical purposes we can only provide support for current versions of MatterControl for Me3D, and using anything else may impact your warranty unless you really know what you’re doing.
Our printers talk in "G-Code" – the industry standard instruction language that has been driving CNC machines since the 1970’s. This code can be produced by any "slicing" programme of your choice. You could even write simple programs for it yourself in a text editor if you like, but since a complex 3D printed shape may consist of hundreds of thousands of instructions you may be working on it for a while.
Learn more about G-Code here:
If you want to use another slicing programme to produce your G-Code, make sure it is producing code that is compatible with "Marlin" firmware (the basis for our Me3D firmware). You’ll need to include the ‘Start’, ‘End’ and ‘Cancel’ G-Code injectors from our standard MatterControl printer profiles to ensure normal operation. (If you didn’t understand any part of that sentence, give MatterControl a go first)
What can I print with a Me2?
Well, whatever you want! The limits to what you can create now extend to your imagination and the modelling tools you have access to. Fancy custom jewellery? Yup. Custom mounts to stick your camera onto a robot (and the rest of the robot for that matter)? You betcha. Armour for your cat?

… Sure?

But what about those modelling tools? Well, there’s a wealth of programs out there from super simple free tools up to complex CAD software worth tens of thousands of dollars. This is where it’s down to you – if you’re not already a modelling expert you might have some learning to do. Start simple and work your way up – maybe you could make a nametag, or a case for your mobile phone?
If you want some inspiration, jump onto one of the many sharing sites out there dedicated to user generated models like MyMiniFactory or and check out what other people are doing with their printers.
So what can I print?
The short answer is: anything you like.
The longer answer is just about anything you like. The automatic creation of removable support structures and internal fill means that most of the really hard work will be done by your slicing software without you even noticing.  Some designs are much better suited to 3D printing than others, take our free Intro to 3D printing course to learn more.
I bought a Me2! Now what?!
Great! Thanks and welcome to the Me3D family. Head on over to the getting started guide and get cracking!
Need some inspiration? We’ve thrown together some pretty easy to follow guides for 3D printing newbies (and some for pros as well). Why not get start by modifying your fancy new printer with a custom faceplate?
Once you’re getting a bit more confident, have a look at our tips and tricks to advance your 3D Printing skills!
What materials can I print with?
We use premium PolyMaker materials exclusively.  The technology behind these 3D printing specific materials means that you have no jams, less failures, and better quality prints.  Our printers come with presets for PolyPlus PLA, PolyMax PLA, PolyFlex TPU, PolyWood PLA and PolySmooth.
Do I need to calibrate my Me2?
The Me2 comes ready to go from the factory. We’ve already calibrated everything and run a test print on every machine before it leaves the workshop floor. There are no screws to adjust, nothing to get wrong (except forgetting to turn the power on at the wall, which happens with embarrassing frequency in our office).  Before every print, your Me2 automatically runs a bed-levelling calibration to make sure your prints start at the right every time.
You’ll only ever need to recalibrate when you replace your extruder components. Fortunately we have a handy guide for that in the support centre.
Do you run a print service?
Generally speaking, no, we don’t run a printing service. We do make exceptions for interesting projects though! Contact us to find out if we can help you.
Are the materials safe?
Yes. The base materials our printers use, primarily polylactic acid (PLA), are safe. When heated PLA releases a benign bio-compatible chemical named Lactide which is safe to use in an open environment without filtration.
We do not recommend the use of Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) filament in non-industrial 3D printers. Although ABS is a common material used in 3D printing, heating it releases styrene fumes known to have both short and long term effects on the body.
What CAD software does the Me2 support?
You will be able to print from anything that will product an .stl file.  'Solid modelling' programs like TinkerCad and Fusion 360 are much more suited to producing "manifold" models compared to Rhinoceros and Sketchup.  Contact us if you have any questions about software compatibility.

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