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3D Printing in Geography: The Topographic Map

3D printing has added a new layer of excitement to education. Teachers are given an additional resource for lesson planning and interactive teaching. In a technology-driven society, we expect the most accurate depiction of information. Education is no exception. In today’s geography classroom, 3D printing can be used to create topographical maps, the likes of […]

3D Printing in Art: Making Functional Items

The invention of the 3D printer has added a new layer of creativity to the art world. Artists all over the globe are using 3D printers to produce artworks as simple as a coaster, or as complicated as a recreation of Michelangelo’s David. But what is the average school art teacher to do with the sudden […]

3D Printing in History class

You wouldn’t be surprised to hear about a 3D printer being used in science class, but what about in history? As more schools gain access to this technology, history teachers are creating lesson plans that allow students a more creative and hands-on approach to exploring everything from ancient technology to dwellings of different cultures. 3D […]

3D Printing in Music

The introduction of 3D printing technology has made a huge impact on many industries around the world; the music industry is no exception. So, how exactly can 3D printing be used in music? The main application of the technology is within product development and manufacturing, allowing for infinitely customisable designs. With 3D printing, new instrument […]

Female Heroines and Their Uncited Works

Not only do girls face the stigmatisation of not being ‘smart enough’ to succeed in STEM careers, it’s now becoming clear that they sometimes do not get recognition for their work. According to a study whose findings were published in Nature Astronomy (Jan 2017), published works in astronomy authored by women were 10% less likely to receive […]

Heroines and The Teaching Deficit

It can be tough for young girls to truly believe that they can succeed in STEM careers when they don’t see women in positions of leadership within the field. According to a study done by Shina Caroline (Jul 2016), only 20% of full professors in Europe are women. Another study done by (Nov 2002) shows […]

Me3D design test

Thanks for your interest in joining Me3D. Our designers and engineers need to be agile and creative. We would like you to complete a short design task using the tools in Fusion360. Our office walls have a repeating profile. Your primary challenge is design an object that will enable you to put some personal items […]

Customisable Faceplate

This step by step guide shows you how to make a custom faceplate for your Me2. This can be a name for your new printer. The best part? You get to make it on your own Me2! Here’s the steps: Download the blank faceplate HERE. Open MatterControl on your computer. Click the create button at […]

Summer holidays activities

The holidays are quickly approaching and I know how difficult it can be to plan 6 weeks of activities to keep the kids entertained. A mum is always struggling to find creative ways to entertain and also excite their curiosity. It can be great fun to get involved with the kids but its also valuable for them to […]
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