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Managing 3D Printed Parts With Blockchain Technology

3D printing is one of the most useful industries to come from modern technology. The uses are numerous. Many people are working hard to make this technology accessible and reliable. One of the biggest innovators in 3D printing appears to be General Electric. This company is making waves in 3D printing by combining their work […]

The Emerging Role of 3D Printing in Architecture

Most people know that 3D printing is having a profound effect on the industrial and manufacturing sectors. But fewer are aware that the technology is also revolutionizing other areas of the economy. Among the lesser-known sectors for 3D printing is architecture. Today, architects are using additive manufacturing to aid them in everything from conceptualization to […]
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3D Printing in Colleges: How Students Are Engaging With Additive Manufacturing

Although many people still think of 3D printing as a futuristic technology, the truth is that it has found its way into many very conventional areas of day-to-day living. Nowhere is this truer than on college and university campuses, where additive manufacturing technology is being introduced to many different classes. Here are just a few […]
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3D Printing in Everyday Life: Practical Tools

One of the best things about having a 3D printer around is the ability to fill your home with genuinely useful tools at a whim. Not junk items, not strange curiosities, but useful items you’ll interact with every single day! Here are just a few of the great, practical tools people have already come up […]

3D Printing in Everyday Life: Tidying Up the Office

3D printing is about much more than complex medical and scientific applications. The concept of 3D printing opens up the level of creativity once limited to engineers to anybody willing to learn a little and apply their ingenuity to create ideas from nothing. As grandiose as that sounds, it’s worth remembering that simple, everyday items […]

3D Printing In Everyday Life: Around the Home

3D printing is too often seen as the realm of the prototypical “geek,” meaning it’s useful for high science, the medical field, but for the everyday person? It’s just something high-tech to play around with. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The average household would benefit greatly from having a 3D printer in the […]

Three Great Applications of 3D Printing in the Home

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably already read about the explosion of 3D printing technology and its¬†potential to revolutionise¬†almost every area of manufacturing. The truth, however, is that 3D printing’s usefulness doesn’t end on the factory floor. On average, everyday households just like yours, 3D printers are […]
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3D Printing Customer Auto Parts in Everyday Life

Auto repair, especially for a do-it-yourself-er, depends on the availability of parts. Nothing can be as aggravating as being told at the store that the particular part you need is out of order and won’t be available for a few weeks. The search for parts for older cars, which one might like to restore to […]
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