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Creating a PJ Masks Gekko cake

For my son’s 4th birthday he wanted a PJ Masks Gekko cake and of course, I clapped my hands in glee at the excuse to use the 3D printer to create some custom decorating tools! Gekko “scales” embossing tool I needed to create an embossing tool for the fondant to give the “scales” effect but […]
Made by Makers with Makers in Mind

STEM Education: Benefits of 3D Printing in the Classroom

While highly informative, the majority of information taught in STEM courses can be rather abstract and technical. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of students will find it boring, which can decrease student engagement. According to Shelley Wright, an educator and Ph.D. student, “Starting in grade 6, student engagement begins to plummet, until about grade […]

Case Study – Kindypreneurs

Principal Chris Hopkins at Scarborough Public School is finding ways to step out of the mould and bring practical projects to his eager students. The "Enterpise" program incorporates 3D printing into a broader syllabus designed to instil entrepreneurship skills.

Case Study – Inner city combined school

We are always super excited to get an opportunity to sit down with some of our customer schools and do a post-mortem on their experiences, lessons learned and successes. The following summarises one such conversation we’ve had with one of our earliest teachers. He has had enormous improvements in enrolment, attendance and engagement since bringing graphic design and […]