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3D printing in schools on the rise

Here at Me3D we have always shared our opinion on the importance of bringing 3d printers to schools around Australia and now with thanks to the national curriculum’s emphasis on design thinking, the number of 3d printers in  Australian schools is rapidly increasing. As a kid I loved getting hands on with different projects as […]

Why is there such a lack of female representation across the STEM fields?

In a society that is renowned for pushing boys into certain interest and activities that require more “Brilliance” and mainstream media constantly stereotyping men to be brilliant and females to be the lesser gender, are we really questioning why girls at the age of 6 lack confidence in abilities and skills of their own gender? […]
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How 3D printing can support traditional manufacturing.

Leanne Connelly, CFO of Me3D and one of our founders has always been vocal on the importance of 3D printing stating “I think 3D printing is an incredibly powerful tool for more than just manufacturing, and is speeding up the process of product development and product design.” 3D printing technology is becoming a common tool […]
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3D printing. Not just for rocket scientist and brain surgeons.

We have stressed the importance of enabling students in Australia to have to access to 3D printing and the technology in order to prepare them for the workforce of the future. This article is all about Caterpillar Inc. and their intensive use of Additive Manufacturing (AM). It shows that as the knowledge of 3D printing […]

Customisable Faceplate

This step by step guide shows you how to make a custom faceplate for your Me2. This can be a name for your new printer. The best part? You get to make it on your own Me2! Here’s the steps: Download the blank faceplate HERE. Open MatterControl on your computer. Click the create button at […]
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Are we introducing girls to STEM too late?

New York University research shows that at age 6 girls are less likely to associate females with “Brilliance” than boys are to associate it with males. The startling part is that just 1 year earlier,  boys and girls were equally likely to associate brilliance with their own gender. Could this explain why, in a world […]

Summer holidays activities

The holidays are quickly approaching and I know how difficult it can be to plan 6 weeks of activities to keep the kids entertained. A mum is always struggling to find creative ways to entertain and also excite their curiosity. It can be great fun to get involved with the kids but its also valuable for them to […]