3D printing is one of the most useful industries to come from modern technology. The uses are numerous. Many people are working hard to make this technology accessible and reliable.

One of the biggest innovators in 3D printing appears to be General Electric. This company is making waves in 3D printing by combining their work with a new innovative technology.

The New Technology

General Electric has turned their focus to one of the most exciting new IT protocols available today. The team behind their 3D printing projects are looking to improve the validity of their supply chain verification system. To do this, GE is adopting a new blockchain based solution.

Presently, GE is responsible for the production of objects through additive manufacturing processes—aka 3D printing. This process requires high standards and each object must meet industry quality regulations.

Improving the reliability of their supply chain verification is critical for ensuring long-term success. As each object passes through phases of creation and inspection, updates are provided to a ledger.

With blockchain technology, critical metadata is logged on what’s known as a distributed ledger. The ledger is shared among every user of the system—this makes changing the information stored in the ledger nearly impossible. Any and all updates are stored across every node, meaning there is no longer a central point responsible for the integrity of the data.

The Future Of 3D Printing And Blockchain

The versatility of blockchain technology is seemingly endless. The adoption of new blockchain ledgers will guarantee the reliability of supply chain processes in many industries—especially 3D printing.

3D printing is somewhat new territory as well. The quality and efficiency of 3D printed objects need to be monitored and maintained during production. Any new technology that can increase this reliability is only going to further the advancement of the field.

We can only anticipate more advancements as creative individuals work wonders with this amazing new technology. Be sure to check back for more information on the latest in 3D printing.