Canadian Fabrication Team Completes First 3D Printed Camper Trailer

In the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, a fabrication team recently announced the completion of the world’s first 3D-printed camper trailer. The camper, known as The Wave, represents the single largest indoor 3D printing project ever undertaken. To execute the print, the team used a massive 3D printer dubbed the Printtron. At present, the Printtron is the largest known printer in North America.

The Project and Its Scope

It’s no secret that 3D printing is becoming more prevalent in the commercial manufacturing of products, including large-scale ones. Even so, the new camper trailer, created by a team lead by Randy Janes, represented a massive jump in the type of production that has taken place up until now. Previously, the largest 3D print completed indoors came in at a volume of 144 cubic feet. The Wave comes in at more than triple that record at a staggering 507 cubic feet.

Printing on The Wave took a combined nine days of operation to complete. The company producing it soon hopes to be able to create more campers, as well as offer them in a range of different sizes.

Advantages of a 3D-printed Camper

There are many potential advantages to 3D printing large consumer products such as campers. One of the most considerable of these is longevity. According to estimates released before the printing took place, The Wave is expected to have a functional lifetime of up to 100 years, far longer than any other commercial camper made today. In addition, The Wave contains no seams, preventing it from developing the leaks that can plague ordinary campers. Finally, as with most objects created with 3D printing, the camper offers a surprising degree of customization and flexibility. With a few easy adjustments, for example, it can convert into a standalone ice fishing hut perfect for sportsmen in rough Canadian winters.