3D Printing in Everyday Life: Tidying Up the Office

3D printing is about much more than complex medical and scientific applications. The concept of 3D printing opens up the level of creativity once limited to engineers to anybody willing to learn a little and apply their ingenuity to create ideas from nothing.

As grandiose as that sounds, it’s worth remembering that simple, everyday items can be life-changers, too! Having easy access to a 3D printer opens up the user to all kinds of existing, useful prints, which all serve as a great inspiration to come up with brand new ideas to match up alongside them.

With that in mind, here are a few ways to use 3D printing to make life in the office just a little bit more organised, comfortable, and easy on the eyes:

Cable Management

The modern office is often a mess of monitors, PCs, and more, all with cables protruding and potentially tangling. The simple solution? Print your very own cable holders of the appropriate sizes and shapes!

There are countless approaches to this very project already, and with just a pinch of effort, they could all be adjusted or completely redesigned to the specifications of your cables and office. Whether you’re after a cleaner look or simply to avoid tripping, 3D printing is the simple solution for this omnipresent problem.

Custom Organisers

You’ve designed the perfect look for your office space, but the local office supply store doesn’t have anything with the precise design you’re ideally after.

No problem, if you know how to use a 3D printer!

Create the business card holderswriting utensil organisers, and whatever else you can imagine, exactly as they look in your head.

Fix Ailing Items Around the Office

Here’s a great mission for 3D printing beginners and veterans alike: survey your workplace and see what you can restore to perfect working order with a quick 3D printing job!

There are great projects already out there that save you from fully replacing common items, like this simple keyboard foot replacement. You could take that a step further and customise the feet to your liking.

Or, if you have the experience and training to handle it, make your own fully-custom parts. For example, this 3D printer user saved his employer from a big repair bill with a relatively simple custom replacement part of his own design!

It always bears repeating when we’re talking about 3D printing: the possibilities are endless. Yes, that means high-concept engineering ideas that literally save lives. But don’t forget that easy prints that solve simple problems are also on that infinite list of 3D printable ideas!