3D Printing in Everyday Life: Practical Tools

chicken phone holder

One of the best things about having a 3D printer around is the ability to fill your home with genuinely useful tools at a whim. Not junk items, not strange curiosities, but useful items you’ll interact with every single day!

Here are just a few of the great, practical tools people have already come up with for their 3D printers, ready and available for anybody to try out. There are new concepts just like these being shared every single day, so think of these as inspiration for the next big idea:

Toothpaste Squeezers

Here are just a few of the many great concepts out there for 3D printing a simple way to solve that age-old problem of wasting untold amounts of toothpaste simply because you can’t get it all out of the tube!

From simpler squeezers to complex rollers and all kinds of interesting ideas in between, these squeezers are the perfect example of a 3D printed tool that you’ll use multiple times a day without batting an eye.

Garden Hose Flow Controller

Garden hose nozzles are notoriously finicky, often cracking and breaking from pressure or small drops. A simple solution? Print your own, designed to your specifications. Here’s one such example, a relatively straightforward flow controller that avoids the often frivolous array of spray settings in favor of direct flow rate control.

Child-Proofing At a Moment’s Notice

Have a baby on the way? Or maybe a child will visit your home soon? 3D printing makes it a snap to turn your home into a safe environment. Print simple tools to manage your cables and prevent trips and tangles. Cover up your outlets to keep curious fingers safe and sound. Make your own latches to keep your cabinets from being easily opened.

And more! Much more. Including ideas nobody’s come up with yet! That’s the beauty of 3D printing: with a little bit of knowledge, you can take your abstract ideas and turn them into something very useful, and very much concrete.