Three Great Applications of 3D Printing in the Home

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably already read about the explosion of 3D printing technology and its potential to revolutionise almost every area of manufacturing. The truth, however, is that 3D printing’s usefulness doesn’t end on the factory floor. On average, everyday households just like yours, 3D printers are helping people create fun and useful objects from scratch. Here are three of the best applications for home 3D printing.

Making Simple Tools on Demand

At some point, almost every one of us has started in on a project only to discover that we don’t have the right tools for the job. Thanks to 3D printing, though, this obstacle is much less troublesome than it used to be. Simple tools, such as wrenches, can easily be printed on even the most basic FDM 3D printer. Some designers have even managed to create 3D-printable multi-tools. Although home 3D printers can only make plastic tools at the moment, the convenience of being able to make almost any simple tool you need far outweighs what you give up in durability.

Printing Toys and Models for Kids

If you have children in your household, a 3D printer can be a nearly endless source of fun. From model cars to custom puzzles, 3D-printed toys can be great fun for kids, especially since they can participate in the process of making them. Using a 3D printer in the home also has an educational element to it. Since many industries will use 3D printing in the future, children who become familiar with the technology at an early age will be well-suited to the manufacturing jobs of the future.

Customising Common Household Objects

One of the greatest advantages of 3D printing over more traditional manufacturing methods is its ability to customise even the most mundane objects to your exact specifications at little to no additional cost. If you have a home 3D printer, you can make a wide variety of small customise objects that you would be unable to find in normal stores. Some common objects that you can customise with a basic 3D printer include phone caseskey-chains and pencil holders.

These are only a few of the many uses that 3D printers have in the home. Though they are limited to small plastic pieces at the moment, the capabilities of home 3D printing are expanding every year. Within a few years, it’s even possible that metal 3D printing will have entered the home format. As this technology continues to progress, it will likely continue to find more and more everyday uses in the home.