3D Printing in Everyday Life: Real Life Uses for 3D Printers

Your boss has asked you to come up with an idea for a new playground. You could sketch a plan in 2D and spend hours explaining your ideas, or you could create tiny replicas of playground equipment using a 3D printer, and make a scaled model of your plan. You build furniture for a living. Why not have small-scale examples of the furniture you build, to show to customers? A 3D printer is a one-time investment with lifelong uses. In business, it is crucial to have your voice heard and your ideas understood. A 3D printer can help!

Have you ever sat down in a wobbly chair? Or looked around for a place to sit your glass, but no coaster was in sight? How about in the kitchen? Have you ever needed salad tongs, but couldn’t seem to find the right pair? All of these household issues could be solved with a 3D printer. 3D printers are great for household use. They can be used to create brand new objects, like kitchen utensils or coasters. They can also be used to make functional repair items, such as casters for wobbly chair or table legs, or knobs for dresser drawers.

Students can also benefit from the use of 3D printers. Students in a science class can create models of cells or planets. Students in art classes can artistically design any artwork they can dream up. Geography students can create topographical maps of a given area. The educational benefits and uses of 3D printing are limitless.

When many people think of 3D printing, they think of toys, models, or miniatures made just for fun. While it is true that 3D printing can be a great hobby, this type of printing has many functional uses as well.