So you want to work at at Me3D?

To meet the demands of our customers our Designers and Engineers are required to be agile and creative. Along with your CV we would like you to complete a short design task using the tools in Fusion360.

Our internal office walls have a repeating profile. Your design challenge is create an object that allows you to put some personal items on the wall.  What those personal items are, and how they hang is up to you.  The best designs will use materials wisely, have a distinct practical and beautiful form.  This is your time to demonstrate your creativity and knowledge of the tools within Fusion360.

Open Fusion360, add the Me3D Office Walls project, create your awesome thing (make sure design history is on) and share it with us along with whatever ideation, renders or product visualisations you'd like to use to show off your skills.

If you need access to Fusion360 you can get it through this link.