UAE Surgeons use 3D printed heart models to save infant lives

3d printed heart models help use surgeons save infant lives

We have often discussed how manufacturing industries have integrated 3D printing into their day-to-day business operations but this blog post shows a nicer side to how the technology is affecting our lives. According to local news UAE doctors have used 3D printing technology to help prepare them for congenital heart disease surgery on newborns. How could you not support a technology saving the lives of newborns?

One in every 160 newborns in UAE is born with congenital heart disease meaning on average 500 babies are affected every year, which left untreated can prove fatal. Nearly 75% of those born with the disease require heart surgery in order to survive and 66% of those that require surgery undergo it within the first 6 months of their lives. Patients will often require multiple surgeries due to the complex nature of the defects.

3D printing technology has enabled doctors to print accurate models of patients’ hearts prior to surgery so surgeons can explore the specific anatomy of the patient. In the space of a couple of weeks two babies have been saved due to 3D printing and modelling. If this technology can be used to do such good, there is no reason we shouldn’t be encouraging more people to learn about the possibilities 3D printing holds for the future of surgery.

Dr. Kiraly belives the use of 3d printing in medical applications will advance “In the future, we will use bio-scaffolds and biodegradable materials, which means we can do more complex surgeries with less risk”.

The UAE is seeking to advance 3D printing technologies in the medial field and I hope the rest of the world takes note and keeps up so we can save continue solving problems medical professionals have been battling with for generations.

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