New Apartment Building in Denmark to make use of 3D Printed Concrete Elements

There is little doubt that 3D printing is already changing the world in ways that the average person may not have even noticed. 3D printing methods are becoming a more common feature in construction as people are learning of the flexibility in terms of design and cheapness of the materials. Architects are beginning to see the possibilities 3D printing presents for the future.

This article from discusses how 3D printed elements are being integrated into construction projects with specific reference to a new project in Nyborg, Denmark.


Architect and founder of Ivan Moltke is behind the project and aims to establish 3D printing of concrete as a viable new construction method. The success of 3D printing in other industries has been the inspiration behind the project. Plans haven’t be finalised or approved yet but the project aims to create small apartments around 30m2 in size for young people around Nyborg to live in. Parts will be designed and produced using 3D printers but  the project will require a mix of new and traditional practices.


Whilst many companies across many different industries are successfully integrating 3D printing into their day-to-day business operations I believe kids are the key to unlocking the full potential of 3D printing. To continue this innovative trend and to understand the capabilities of the technology, kids need access to 3D printers, so they can learn from hands on experimentation.

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