Case Study – Kindypreneurs


Principal Chris Hopkins at Scarborough Public School is finding ways to step out of the mould and bring practical projects to his eager students. The “Enterprise” program incorporates 3D printing into a broader syllabus designed to instil entrepreneurship skills.

The purpose of our Enterprise Project is to promote the development of initiative and self-regulated learning in our students. Students are able to make their own connections across the Maths and Science Curriculum and apply them to real world situations. They learn to take risks in their learning and to apply their own problematic knowledge to test multiple solutions. 
To make this a real, authentic learning experience for our students this program has been planned with a large degree of integration into our immediate and wider, local community. Students liaise with local business, co-op and charities owners and coordinators to investigate and model the successful running of such. The audience for our market fair invites family members, members of our school and local community. The audience for the local Coledale markets incorporates the wider regional community. 
At our final market fair students showcased their product or service, this event invites family members, members of our school community and local community into the school and provides students the opportunity to engage in conversations encouraging the metalanguage of entrepreneurialism.  The market fair was highly successful and students were given the opportunity to showcase their product or service at the Coledale, local markets held monthly on a Sunday. This opportunity extended our audience to the regional community.
– Scarborough Public School

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