Case Study – Inner city combined school

We are always super excited to get an opportunity to sit down with some of our customer schools and do a post-mortem on their experiences, lessons learned and successes. The following summarises one such conversation we’ve had with one of our earliest teachers. He has had enormous improvements in enrolment, attendance and engagement since bringing graphic design and 3D printing into his department. we can just to share it with you!

It started with our design subject and I said “look I want to get graphics up and going” so I did a taster course for year 8 going into year 9 [and] within weeks of talking to you guys and from that taste of lessons and going through showing the students the 3D printer, I had a full class of year 9 graphics students the following year and that sort of saved my [department].

I took that initiative to try and generate another subject in graphics and 3D printing and students love it. So now I’ve been running graphics and I’ve got a full class this year and I’ve got another class going next year. The future is graphics and 3D printing. The numbers have grown, and the parents see that it’s the future for their students. 

So I’ve got 3 printers now thanks to you guys and they are all being used and I’m using them in every subject from year 8 to year 12. Your printer is wonderful you can pick it up and carry it to where you need to go. I’ve had to move occasionally and you just pick it up and go. I couldn’t imagine carrying one of those big bot things. I can take it home, bring it back.

I like it in every aspect. There affordable and they are great.” I stopped and had a look at one of those other bots, [its a] big machine and I asked how much was it? And the guys said “it’s on sale now for $4000 but they are normally $5000.” And I said “mate I can go and buy 5 printers for that and they can do the same thing, print the same stuff.” I tell people what I have and that I really like it and I’d recommend it to anybody. I get pretty good service with what I’ve got.
– Anonymous TAS teacher, Inner city combined school