Case Study – Bridging subject areas

Getting kids involved

Paul is a passionate teacher and a great advocate for bringing advanced technology into the class room. Read about the changes he’s seen in his class room in just one term.

The printers have definitely improved engagement, our electronics and Istem classes are full. We actually have kids on waiting lists. So I don’t know if that is directly related to the 3D printing but the course is very popular. Year 7 and 8 the kids that I have are really interested in it. It has improved engagement definitely.
We have got three printers in total and I’m going to approach the principal again this year and see if I can get another two more and we should be right. We got two last year and within that time we have incorporated 3D printing into every class. From year 7 we are doing different units in year 7 and 8 in technology mandatory, we are doing a fair bit there. Stage 5 we are using electronics a fair bit. Our iSTEM course is stage 6 for year 11 and 12 we are using prototyping and modelling.
Almost every one of our classes has some aspect of 3D printing. We are trying to incorporate them into other departments as well. One of the science teachers came down and used it a little bit for a marine science project. Maths has sort of used the collaboration of istem they have used it a little bit for that.  I’ve sort of been encouraging the arts teacher to come and have a look and say this is what we can do and how about do you to something with it to.
–Paul Zubovic