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Fly ash from coal

3D Printing Geopolymers Recycled from Coal Byproducts

Research into 3D printing consistently yields new methods and materials for additive manufacturing to make use of. Among the most exciting recent material advances was produced by a research team from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. By experimenting with fly ash, a byproduct of coal combustion, scientists at NTU were able to produce a 3D […]
3d illustration of internal organs human, Medical infographic design.

Students Revolutionize Medical Training with 3D Printing

Students at the University of Alabama in Huntsville have recently catapulted the study of medicine at the school’s College of Nursing into the future, using 3D printing technology to create the tools necessary for realistic medical training simulations. As reported by the 3D Printing Industry, Dr. Lori Lioce, and Norvern Goddard, two scientists working at the […]
An abstract 3D render of some microprocessors on a circuit board with glowing lights. The surface of the board is dark with many lines of hexadecimal code written over it.

imec Works to Solve Chip Cooling Problem With 3D Printing

imec, a Belgian electronics and technology company, recently announced that it had successfully created an innovative new solution for the cooling of chips in electronics by replicating an existing class of cooling mechanisms using 3D printing. The cooling devices the company has made achieve efficient cooling for advanced electronics at a reasonable cost.   These […]
Lockheed Martin company sign on building with copy space below. Building located on Sparkman Drive in Huntsville, Alabama.

Latest news in 3D printing: Lockheed Martin’s Breakthrough

Breakthrough in 3D Printing Recently, according to Popular Mechanics, Lockheed Martin achieved a 3D printing breakthrough when it used the additive manufacturing technique to manufacture a four-foot diameter dome made from titanium. Two of the domes would be used to seal a fuel tank that will become a standard feature for the LM 2100 satellite […]
Painful joints human anatomy concept with the body as a group of circular panels of sore areas as a pain and injury or arthritis illness symbol for health care and medical symptoms due to aging or sports and work injury.

Researchers Developing Method for Fixing Joints with 3D Printed Tissues

Is 3D Printing the Cure? Professor Jos Malda and a team of University Medical Center Utrecht researchers in the Netherlands are on the verge of a breakthrough in medical technology, and the key is 3D printing. reports on what the researchers believe may be the cure for arthritis. This cure, they assert, comes in the form […]
3D render of a medical background with DNA strand

Breakthrough Research Paves the Way for 3D Printing DNA

In the last few years, the range of materials that can be 3D printed has widened considerably. Soon, DNA may join the list of materials that can be used in the additive manufacturing process, thanks to new research conducted at the University of California Berkeley. The new method for synthesizing DNA developed over the course […]
heart transplant 3D printing

Scientists 3D Print Human Heart Tissue

3D Printing News A major breakthrough in the world of 3D printing and medical science has just occurred in Chicago, as medical technology firm BIOLIFE4D has successfully printed a human cardiac patch. Reported by, the patch made by the group was especially notable for including multiple different kinds of cells rather than just a […]
Adidas Superstar ""black"" Isolated on white background. 3D printing concept

Adidas Prepares for Mass Manufacturing with 3D Printing

Footwear giant Adidas recently announced its plans to greatly expand the role of 3D printing in its manufacturing processes. The company is planning an ambitious project to put 3D-printed midsoles into as many as 100,000 pairs of shoes by the end of 2018, with millions of pairs featuring the midsoles within a few years.   […]
Optometry Corneal Topographer Showing an Eye and Cornea on Screen 3D printing concept

3D Printing Corneas

Cornea transplants, in which a diseased or damaged cornea is replaced with a donated one, are one of the most common transplant procedures performed. According to All About Vision, 47,000 transplants, also called cornea grafts, were performed in the United States in 2013. All told, a million have been performed worldwide since 1961. As with […]
dna, microscope, nerve cell and eye in blue background 3D printing technology

3D Printing Technology Enables Pioneering Research in Brain Tissue Replacements

3D bioprinting, the area of 3D printing technology dealing with the creation of biological tissues, has generated a huge amount of excitement throughout the medical community in recent years. Though there are numerous bioprinting projects underway at major universities, few have as much potential to revolutionize healthcare as a recent University of Wollongong study into […]
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