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Considered Design
Me2 is open and simple to allow maximum engagement with the print process.  It's portable with a light weight build and handle. There are no annoying tweaks or adjustment before each print. 
Safe and Robust
Me2 works with non-toxic biodegradable materials and is perfectly safe to have uncovered in a closed environment.  There are no large hot moving parts to be careful of. We auto calibrate before every print so it can be moved or take a knock and still work perfectly. 
Serviceable and Hackable
Me2 is constructed to be maintained with simple hand tools (provided). The modular extruder can be unplugged and exchanged easily. Built in expansion scope with 18 additional features for future proofing.
Plug & Print
Preloaded configurations make setting up your desktop 3D printer a snap.

SMS & Email Notifications
Your 3D printer can now send you a text message or email alert when the job is finished.
Drag & Drop Queueing
Easy workflow management tools take the hassle out of complex projects.

Advanced Plating
Automatically detect multiple parts within a single design file and then individually manipulate, scale, rotate, and mirror those parts.
Design Library
Organize, search and manage your library of 3D printable designs.
Advanced Tools
Just because it's easy to use doesn't mean you can't tweak, modify, and calibrate to your heart's desire.
Classroom Resources
Having a 3D printer is a phenomenal seed for inspiration because you can literally create anything. But this kind of design process is probably daunting for people new to the technology. Use these example projects to inspire your students within just a few minutes.
Find grants and funding
New sources of funding pop up all of the time from Government, Community Groups and Corporates. Our downloadable teachers toolkit includes a list of active sources of funding. Visit our Grants and Funding page for more information.
Starting a makerspace
An open access makerspace is a great place to position 3D printing education. But you might find starting a makerspace with a clear purpose and vision is hard work. While our teacher's toolkit provides great tips, it is general. Get a FREE customised action plan from MakerSpaceMaker.
View our range of education products
Our education products come complete with hardware, software, consumables, accessories and a first-class local support package. Our packages take the stress and complexity out of providing a top rate technology capability to your students.
Getting started guide
If you already have Me2 printers in your school, next make sure you go through our getting started course. It will walk you through all of the major steps from opening the box to printing your first thing.
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