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A New Era of Creativity: Kids and 3D Printing

In a world where 1-year-olds are becoming proficient at iPhones and toddlers know how to queue up Netflix, could kids and 3D printing go hand in hand? In short, yes, and its applications for kids are endless. From creating their own Lego pieces to designing parts for competition robots and making prosthetic hands, 3D printing […]

Case Study – Kindypreneurs

Principal Chris Hopkins at Scarborough Public School is finding ways to step out of the mould and bring practical projects to his eager students. The "Enterpise" program incorporates 3D printing into a broader syllabus designed to instil entrepreneurship skills.

Case Study – Inner city combined school

We are always super excited to get an opportunity to sit down with some of our customer schools and do a post-mortem on their experiences, lessons learned and successes. The following summarises one such conversation we’ve had with one of our earliest teachers. He has had enormous improvements in enrolment, attendance and engagement since bringing graphic design and […]