3D Printing Expertise

Dan Ko, a man calling himself a “3D printing expert”, refused to settle for anything less than perfect when it came time to propose to his girlfriend, Jen. Rather than settle for just any standard overpriced ring, he and his 3D printer went the extra mile for the woman he loved.

All3DP reports on Ko’s masterful use of his 3D printer to make the perfect engagement ring for his fiance. In 2016, he spent four months painstakingly designing a custom ring, making sure every detail was perfect before printing it and setting a stone in place. Though he had help from  Scott Denton, a Shapeways designer from New York, the process was still described as very “time-intensive”, though surprisingly not that difficult. He attributes this mainly to the fact that the design itself was fairly easy to come up with, being inspired by a Pinterest board Jen posted at one point.

There’s More

In addition to the ring, he also made a design for porcelain vases which were used as decoration on tables during the wedding itself. When asked why he went to so much effort, Ko responded that he wanted their wedding “to have custom touches.” He mused that, while he could have simply made the things by hand, it was much simpler and more professional to design and print them while retaining the same feeling of personal worth.

The most intriguing part of all, though, was the price tag. Ko estimates that even when factoring in the costs of several prototypes and the jeweler’s fee for the diamond he bought, he still saved around 50% of what he’d have spent buying a ring from a major jewelry store. Considering his custom-made ring looks just as good as one of them and carries the extra value of sentiment and true love, it really seems like the best deal he could have gotten.