Day 1 – Your first 3D print

Getting acquainted with your Me2.
Today is just about you will understanding the basic anatomy of the Me2, how the first layer of a 3 print happens, and make some great things to put on your desk. The steps today will take around 20mins of your time The parts we make today will be pretty quick to print, and look great guarding your shiny new toy, feel free to give them away once you've taken some of photos, after all it's only a few cents in plastic.

Lets show you the important bits of the Me2 so we are all talking the same language.
Double Click to Edit
To load the filament place the material in the spool sled, feed the material through the handle and down into the hole on the right of the extruder.
{sled photo}
{handle photo}
{feed gif}
Today we are going to print something cool for your desk. Each of these models is scaled to be 75mm in their biggest dimension and will take roughly 45min to complete with the default settings.  Choose something from the "Low Poly" animals collection below to brighten your day and download it to somewhere you can find later.  It will download with a file extension ".stl", this is a common 3D printing format.
Good Doggo
Bunny "Dr Collosso"
Sneaky Squirrel
Another Fox
Next, open your browser and go to the Buildflow link for the printer, this will look something like "". Follow the prompts to upload and print your first model using the defaults settings. For more detailed instructions about how to use Buildflow see this link.
Step 1 - Enter the printer IP into a browser
Step 2 - Select a file to print
Step 3 - Review the settings (default will work fine)
Step 4 - Tick the checkboxes to reveal the print button
When the Me2 is printing, watch the first layer closely. You will see the Me2 move to it's home position in the rear left, auto-level by tapping in 3 places around the bed, and then "wipe it's nose" before starting the print.

The Me2 will continue to print without your computer connected to the network, to cancel the print job you will need to be connected to the same network.

When the printer is finished (or a job is cancelled) it will return to the original home position and power down automatically, ready or the next job.

Have fun printing these simple figures, don't forget to post pictures of your success to our facebook page or email them directly, our team loves to hear how our products are being used. Tomorrow we will design and print our own keyrings using "thingiverse" and an online customizer app.