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Our stage based educational resources engage your students in a wide range of study areas.

We designed BuildFlow as the most intuitive 3D printing process on the planet. Try it now.
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The "Me2" was designed as a 3D printer that anyone could engage with, understand and use.
Considered Design
Me2 is open and simple to allow maximum engagement with the print process.  Portable, light weight with a built in handle. There are no annoying tweaks or adjustment before each print.
Safe and Robust
Our materials are non-toxic, biodegradable and safe to have uncovered in a closed environment.  There are no large hot moving parts to be careful of. The Me2 calibrates before each and every print so it can be moved around the school and still work perfectly.
Serviceable and Hackable
Me2 can be maintained with simple hand tools, with everything easily accessible. The modular extruder can be unplugged and exchanged easily.
BuildFlow has been designed so a 6yo could easily 3D print classroom resources.  Different to all other 3D printing methods, it seamlessly connects your printer to the cloud, giving you control over your printer from anywhere in the world.

The simple workflow is designed to focus your attention on education and not which button to push next.  Your students will never be confused by the process or need deep understanding to get started.

Uniquely compatible with touchscreens, mobile devices and SMART boards, you can 3D print from any internet connected device.

Choose from Student, Teacher, or School Admin accounts and easily moderate access to the school 3D printers based on classes, groups, time.
$ 4,840
team bundle
2 Me2 3D Printers
In school setup
Half day adoption training
8kg of premium materials
Unlimited BuildFlow accounts
2 years extended service
$ 10,050
Classroom Bundle
5 Me2 3D Printers
In school setup
Full day adoption training
20kg of Premium materials
Unlimited BuildFlow accounts
2 years extended service
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20+ Me2 3D Printers
In school setup
Regular training and maintenance
Unlimited materials
Customised BuildFlow accounts
Up to 5 years extended service

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